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Two of the best places to spend a beautiful day outdoors in St. Louis are about to receive the deserved national recognition.

St. Louis Forest Park is actually larger than the Big Apple Park, and its 1,293 acres are one of the largest urban parks in the country. Forest Park doesn't have to be, but there are many other great places to park and hike, such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in New York City.

Covering 1,200 acres, Forest Park is home to some of the city's greatest treasures, including the St. Louis Museum of Natural History, Missouri State Museum and University of Missouri. Others include New York City's Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which covers more than 1.5 million acres. This applies to all parks in the park system as well as many other parks and recreation areas.

Forest Park tickets can be purchased at the MetroStore, located in the parking lot of the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Bureau, at the park entrance or in any of its parking lots.

The Metro Adventure Pass provides visitors with an easy way to explore Forest Park and other attractions in the region through the ticket machines located at MetroLink stations. Visitors to the park can take the subway or trolley to one of the park's attractions, which can be captured at any time of day or night, whichever attraction they first visit. You can get to the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Bureau parking lot via Metrolink, where you can hop on or off the Forest Park wagons for a quick ride to the park entrance. The Forest Park Explorer Ticket offers day rides, access to all attractions and attractions within the parks, and a limited number of other park attractions.

Visitors can take the Forest Park Explorer for a limited number of day trips to all of the park's attractions and other attractions in the region via MetroLink stations.

General admission is always free, but early risers can park for free across the street from the forest park to avoid paying parking next to the entrance. If you arrive early enough, you can also find a parking space on the east side of the park for $5 per car. Free parking is available at the entrance to all parks and the main entrance, and parking is limited, so be sure to arrive early if you have to.

A convenient park-and-ride option is available to all visitors, but during Friday, Saturday and Sunday hours, drivers of the 90 Hampton will have to change to the Forest Park Explorer to reach the stops in the Forest Park.

These are just some of the many attractions on the grounds, but in addition to these attractions, Forest Park is also home to many festivals and annual events, including the St. Louis County Fair and Missouri State Fair, as well as a variety of other events.

Forest Park is on every page - respecting the list of great places to see in the St. Louis area, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Missouri. If you are from outside the US or Canada, visit the Forest Park on your first visit to the State of Missouri or any other state in America.

Whether you are visiting one of the free attractions in the park or just taking a day trip, the Waldpark is the perfect family holiday. Whether you want to go for a walk, jog, ride a bike or have a meal, the boathouse in the forest park is a gem. Steinberg's is another great place for you and your children to relieve the cabin fever, and there are many great restaurants and bars offering free entry to the forest park.

The Missouri History Museum is free and there is probably no better place to get to know St. Louis. The Green Forest Park Explorer Route leads to the east side of Forest Park, so it's a great place for an afternoon. In summer, the Missouri Museum of Natural History and the National Park Service Museum are free. This trip was made possible by the generous support of the city and St. Louis County, as well as local businesses and organizations.

The neighborhood, which borders Forest Park, is bordered by the St. Louis River, the Missouri River and the Mississippi River. It houses many of the city's most popular restaurants and bars and is also the closest to Forest Park in the west. The neighborhood is bordered by ForestPark and is bordered by Oak Park Road, Oak Grove Road and Oak Ridge Road.

The Missouri Department of Conservation maintains hiking trails in the Kennedy Forest, and the Mississippi-Missouri River Corridor offers scenic views of the St. Louis River and its tributary, the Arkansas River.

Within the park's boundaries is a museum located just across the Mississippi River in Alton, Illinois, just a few miles from the Missouri-Missouri River Corridor.

More About Forest Park

More About Forest Park